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Quality Status Report 2000 for the North-East Atlantic

The OSPAR Commission presents its assessment of the environmental quality of the North-East Atlantic. The QSR 2000 is based on five reports (regional QSRs) prepared for the regions on the map below.

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In this web version, you can read the QSR 2000 (in html format), read or download the six reports (by chapter) as printed (in pdf format) or go straight to a section of a chapter using keywords and order hard-copies of the reports

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Each report follows the same structure and logic:

Chapter 0 Copyright page, Table of Contents. For the regional reports: Foreword, Participants, Executive Summary

Chapter 1 introduces the report

Chapter 2 gives an overview of the geography, hydrography and climate of the area in order to give a baseline for the detailed descriptions of the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the area presented in following chapters.

Chapter 3 provides an outline of the most important human activities that influence the area.

Chapter 4 summarises information on the chemical aspects of the North-East Atlantic, focusing on inputs of contaminants and nutrients, and their concentrations in different environmental media and compartments.

Chapter 5 deals with the biological features of the ecosystems, focusing in particular on the causes, impact and implications of the changes that are occurring to their natural characteristics.

Chapter 6 the overall assessment, draws on Chapters 2 to 5 to identify trends, the effectiveness of measures and the major causes of any environmental degradation within the area and the managerial and scientific actions needed to redress this.

Appendices: species (list), abbreviations (list), glossary, references (list).

French version

The QSR 2000 is also available in French. Read or download the report (by chapter) as printed (in pdf format)  or view in html. The Regional reports are available in English only.