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OSPAR Commission - Contracting Parties

The Contracting Parties comprise the fifteen following governments: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom, together with the European Union. Finland is not on the western coasts of Europe, but some of its rivers flow to the Barents Sea, and historically it was involved in the efforts to control the dumping of hazardous waste in the Atlantic and the North Sea. Luxembourg and Switzerland are Contracting Parties due to their location within the catchments of the River Rhine. 

Under the Rules of Procedure of the OSPAR Commission the Commission shall consist of representatives of each of the Contracting Parties. The Commission elects a Chairman and two Vice-Chairmen by the unanimous vote of the Contracting Parties present and voting at ordinary annual meetings of the Commission. 

Currently the Chairman of the OSPAR Commission is Mr Victor Escobar (Spain) and the Vice-Chairs are Mr Richard Moxon (United Kingdom) and Dr Laura Piriz (Sweden). 

If you wish to obtain information about national activities related to the work of OSPAR, please address your request to the relevant national contact point(s) below:

be-lgflag.gif (2.2 K) dk-lgflag.gif (2.5 K) ee-lgflag.gif (2.4 K) fi-lgflag.gif (1.4 K) fr-lgflag.gif (2.0 K) ge-lgflag.gif (1.3 K) ic-lgflag.gif (2.6 K) ei-lgflag.gif (1.3 K) lu-lgflag.gif (0.7 K) nl-lgflag.gif (1.4 K) no-lgflag.gif (3.8 K) po-lgflag.gif (5.8 K) sp-lgflag.gif (4.8 K) sw-lgflag.gif (5.0 K) sz-lgflag.gif (3.9 K) uk-lgflag.gif (5.2 K)

be-lgflag.gif (2.2 K) Belgium
    Mr Michael Kyramarios
    SPF Santé Publique, Sécurité de la Chaine alimentaire et Environnement
    D G Environnement, "Affaires Internationales"- Milieu Marin
    Place Victor Hortaplein, 40 bte 10
    B-1060 Bruxelles
    Tel: +32 2 524 96 27
    E-mail: Michael.Kyramarios@health.fgov.be

dk-lgflag.gif (2.5 K) Denmark

    Ms Anne-Mette Lund
    Danish Ministry of the Environment
    Nature Agency
    Haraldsgade 53
    DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
    Tel: +45 72 54 47 77
    E-mail: anhlu@nst.dk


ee-lgflag.gif (2.4 K)European Commission
fi-lgflag.gif (1.4 K) Finland
    Ms Kristiina Isokallio
    Ministry of the Environment
    Kasarmikatu 25
    FI-00023 Government, Finland
    Tel  + 358 50 5819618
    E-mail:  kristiina.isokallio@ymparisto.fi

 fr-lgflag.gif (2.0 K) France

    Ms Marie-Anne Mortelette
    Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes
    Direction générale de la mondialisation, du développement et des partenariats
    Direction des biens publics mondiaux, sous-direction de la gestion des ressources naturelles
    27 rue de la Convention, CS91533
    F-75732 PARIS Cedex 15
    Tel :+33 1 43 17 44 25
    E-mail : marie-anne.mortelette@diplomatie.gouv.fr

    Ms Stéphanie Belna
    Ministère de l'environnement, du développement durable
    et de l'énergie

    Direction des affaires européennes et internationales 6, place
    des degrés 
    F-92055 LA DEFENSE Cedex
    Tel :+33 1 40 81 76 99 
    E-mail : stephanie.belna@developpement-durable.gouv.fr


ge-lgflag.gif (1.3 K) Germany

    Dr Ingo Narberhaus
    Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz
    Bau und Reaktorsicherheit

    Robert-Schuman-Platz 3
    D-53175 Bonn
    Tel: +49 3018 305 2526
    E-mail: ingo.narberhaus@bmub.bund.de


ic-lgflag.gif (2.6 K) Iceland

Ms Sesselja Bjarnadóttir
Ministry for the Environment
Skuggasund 1
IS-101 Reykjavik
Tel: + 354 545 8655
E-mail: sesselja.Bjarnadottir@umh.stjr.is
Web-site: www.umhverfisraduneyti.is


ei-lgflag.gif (1.3 K) Ireland

    Mr Donal Cronin
    Department of Environment, Community and Local Government
    Floor 4, Irish Life Building, 1A South Mall
    Tel: 00 353 761 001 684
    E-mail: donal.cronin@environ.ie


 lu-lgflag.gif (0.7 K) Luxembourg

    Ms Anne-Marie Reckinger
    Water Management Administration
    1 avenue du Rock and Roll
    L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette
    Tel: +352 26 02 86 37
    E-mail: anne-marie.reckinger@eau.etat.lu


nl-lgflag.gif (1.4 K) The Netherlands
    Ms Carien van Zwol
    Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment
    Directorate-General Water Affairs
    PO Box 2090
    NL-2500 EX The Hague
    Tel: +31 70 351 8046
    E-mail: carien.van.zwol@minienm.nl


no-lgflag.gif (3.8 K) Norway
po-lgflag.gif (5.8 K) Portugal

    Mr Miguel Sequeira
    Directorate General for Natural Resources
    Safety and Maritime Services
    Av. De Brasilia
    PT-1449-030 Lisbon
    Tel: +351 213 035 899
    Email: mailto:msequeira@dgrm.mamaot.pt

    Mr José Marques
    Direçao Geral de Recursos Naturais, Segurança e Serviços Marítimos
    Av. Brasilia
    1449-030 Lisbon
    Tel: +351 213 035 711
    E-mail: mailto:jmarques@dgrm.min-agricultura.pt


sp-lgflag.gif (4.8 K) Spain

    Ms Ainhoa Pérez Puyol
    Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment
    Plaza San Juan de la Cruz
    28791 Madrid
    Tel: +34 597 6463
    E-mail: appuyol@magrama.es


sw-lgflag.gif (5.0 K) Sweden

    Ms Laura Piriz
    Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
    Postal address:
    The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
    Box 11930
    SE-404 39 Göteborg
    Visiting address:
    Gullbergs Strandgata 15, 411 04, Göteborg, Sweden
    Tel:     + 46 (0)10 698 62 48
    E-mail: laura.piriz@havochvatten.se


sz-lgflag.gif (3.9 K) Switzerland

    Mr Ulrich Sieber
    Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape
    Federal Office for the Environment FOEN
    CH-3003 Berne
    Tel: + 41 31 322 6950
    E-mail: ulrich.sieber@buwal.admin.ch


 uk-lgflag.gif (5.2 K) United Kingdom

Mr Richard Moxon
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Marine Environment Division

Nobel House
London SW1A 2HH
Tel: +44 20 7238 4358
E-mail: richard.moxon@defra.gsi.gov.uk