North-East Atlantic Environment Strategy

The North-East Altantic Environment Strategy 2030 was adopted on 1 October 2021 in Cascais, Portugal. This was supported by a high-level review of OSPAR's previous strategy for the decade 2010-2030. The full text can be found in OSPAR Agreement 2021-01

Contracting Parties developed an implementation plan to support work to put the Strategy into effect. The plan is a living document, setting out specific actions and tasks to achieve the NEAES objectives and will be used by OSPAR to record and assess progress with implementation of the Strategy. The full text can be found in OSPAR Agreement 2021-02

Briefing note on the NEAES 2030

Briefing note on high-level review of NEAES 2010-2020

Please click on the images below for our NEAES 2030 and the review of our NEAES 2010-2020