North-East Atlantic Environment Strategy

Under its North-East Atlantic Environment Strategy (NEAE Strategy) OSPAR is taking forward work related to the implementation of the Ecosystem Approach (NEAE Strategy Part I) and the suite of five thematic strategies (NEAE Strategy Part II) to address the main threats that it has identified concerning issues within its competence.

Under each theme, work is undertaken in relation to the monitoring and assessment of the status of the marine environment, the results of which are used to follow up implementation of the strategies and the resulting benefits to the marine environment. The six strategies fit together to underpin the ecosystem approach. Programmes and measures are developed by the Committees on the basis of proposals by Contracting Parties.

Biodiversity and Ecosystem StrategyBDC and EIHA
Eutrophication StrategyHASEC
Hazardous Substances StrategyHASEC
Offshore Industry StrategyOIC
Radioactive Substances StrategyRSC
Joint Assessment and Monitoring Programme (JAMP)All committees

Although this is not a separate Strategy, the OSPAR Commission has also considered the relevance of climate change issues in a wider context.