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OSPAR's Quality Status Report 2023 Friday Ocean Findings Issue 25
We have published our latest assessment of Seal Abundance and Distribution along with our assessment of Grey Seal Pup Production on our assessment portal.

These assessments contribute to our 2023 Quality Status Report (QSR) which, when viewed together, build a picture of the overall condition of the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic and progress towards achieving our vision of a clean, healthy and biologically diverse North-East Atlantic Ocean, which is productive, used sustainably and resilient to climate change and ocean acidification. The results will also be used by OSPAR Contracting Parties to inform policy decisions.

We hope you enjoy these Indicator Assessments. Please do contact us with any comments at communications@ospar.org #OSPARprotects

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Seal Abundance and Distribution

Grey seal abundance is largely increasing across the assessed area. Within Arctic Waters, both Icelandic grey seals and harbour seals are declining. Harbour seals abundance trends are mixed within the Greater North Sea. Southern Celtic Seas data were limited, but trends are generally increasing. Distribution appears generally stable for both species.

Grey Seal Pup Production

Across the Greater North Sea and Celtic Seas, grey seal pup production is largely increasing or stable. Within Arctic Waters, where Iceland was the single assessment unit, grey seal pup production has declined since the baseline assessment year.

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