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OSPAR's Quality Status Report 2023 Friday Ocean Findings Issue 44
Protecting species and habitats in the North-East Atlantic

For OSPAR's Quality Status Report (QSR) 2023, OSPAR's group on the Protection of Species and Habitats (ICG-POSH) prepared status assessments for 12 habitats and 26 species that are listed as being threatened and/or declining by OSPAR Contracting Parties.

Measures have been adopted for almost all of the 42 species and 16 habitats listed as threatened and/or declining which include actions to be implemented by Contracting Parties nationally and other actions to be implemented collectively. As part of the QSR 2023 an implementation report was prepared showing that there is a good level of engagement to implement the national actions within the Recommendations, in particular within the areas where the species and habitats are considered to be under threat and/or in decline. The level of engagement in collective actions is clearly at a lower level with some of the more complex actions not having been progressed and implemented.

The QSR 2023, comprising assessments of over 120 different components, is the most authoritative assessment of the North-East Atlantic. The QSR reflects the collective work of the 16 Contracting Parties to the OSPAR Convention, scientists, experts and their institutions.
POSH met in Trondheim this week

ICG-POSH met this week in Trondheim (Norway) for Michael McLeod (UK)'s last meeting as convenor after 7 years in the role. ICG-POSH worked to develop actions under the Regional Action Plans (RAP) for marine bird and discussed the development of a RAP for benthic shelf habitats. The meeting also found leads for the next round of status assessments and the North-East Atlantic Environment Strategy objective on habitat restoration.

A report of the meeting will be made available on the OSPAR website in due course.

QSR 2023 key findings report

OSPAR produced a key findings report to accompany the QSR. The report features the headline messages from the QSR 2023 along with links to the underlying assessments.

The key findings highlight many of the issues facing the biological diversity of the North-East Atlantic including those facing marine mammals, marine birds, benthic habitats, pelagic habitats and marine food webs.

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