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OSPAR's Quality Status Report 2023 Friday Ocean Findings Issue 47
OSPAR’s Quality Status Report (QSR) 2023 is the most authoritative assessment of the whole North-East Atlantic and reflects the collective work of the 16 Contracting Parties to the OSPAR Convention, scientists, experts and their institutions, and the OSPAR Secretariat.

Although the QSR was published on 11 September 2023, the work has not stopped. The OSPAR Secretariat is working tirelessly to translate many of the QSR products into French stretching to over 470 000 words; and of course our Executive Secretary has been busy presenting the results on the international stage.

In the wider OSPAR family, our experts, Contracting Parties, and our dedicated observer organisations have been working hard to disseminate the results of the QSR. This effort is vital to us reaching a wider audience and we'd like to thank all those involved.

Of course, the vital monitoring and reporting doesn't stop with the publication of the QSR 2023, and this week has seen the meeting of our group on Ecosystem Assessment Outlook – Cumulative Effects Assessment (ICG-EcoC) and our group responsible for the coordination of the production of the QSR (ICG-QSR). These groups have been looking towards our next QSR and the refinement of our cumulative effects assessments (CEA). A huge thank you to everyone who attended.
ICG-EcoC met this week in London and online

ICG-EcoC met this week in London and online. We owe a big thank you to Adrian Judd (UK) for his continued commitment and welcome to our new co-convenor, Sophie Vergouwen (Netherlands). This group was responsible for the CEA components of the QSR aiming for a fuller understanding of how pressures affect state.

The meeting discussed the refinement of the CEA approach and welcomed presentations from a number of projects including GES4SEAS, Marine SABRES and 2 ICES working groups dealing with these issues.

A report of the meeting will be made available on the OSPAR website in due course.

ICG-QSR met in London and online

Assessment and monitoring are continuous process at OSPAR with most of the data that make up our assessments collected and reported annually. Periodically we integrate these data and assessments into our QSRs giving a holistic view of the health of the North-East Atlantic. The process for producing the QSRs falls on our dedicated group convened by Patrick Roose (Belgium).

For many of the delegates in this group, the QSR 2023 was the third QSR they have been involved in. This week's meetings saw many of our veterans look towards the planning of their 4th QSR! We also welcomed a number of newer delegates creating a harmonious combination of experience and enthusiasm. Again, we'd like to say thank you to all of those who attended ICG-QSR this week.

A report of the meeting will be made available on the OSPAR website in due course.

The QSR 2023

The full QSR 2023 and all underpinning data are available online.

QSR 2023 key findings report

OSPAR produced a key findings report to accompany the QSR. The report features the headline messages from the QSR 2023 along with links to the underlying assessments.

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