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OSPAR's Quality Status Report 2023 Friday Ocean Findings Issue 13
More than 400 scientists and policy makers from around the North-East Atlantic are working together to deliver OSPAR’s Quality Status Report (QSR) 2023. The QSR is a holistic assessment of the North-East Atlantic and will examine the current state of the marine environment and ecosystems, and the human activities benefiting from the marine environment and interacting with it.

In issue 13 of #FridayOcean Findings, we would like to introduce the team leading the group responsible for delivering the final QSR. In future issues we'll feature some of the scientists responsible for ensuring that our assessments are robust and insightful.

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Co-convenor Patrick Roose (Belgium)

Patrick Roose is Director of the Operational Directorate Natural Environments of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS). As its director, he is responsible for the general management and the fulfillment of its 3 key roles being: fundamental and applied scientific research, providing scientific services and policy support in the field of biodiversity in general and marine management in particular. As such, the directorate is responsible for the practical and scientific follow-up of Belgium’s national monitoring obligations related to OSPAR and EU directives such as the MSFD. Patrick has a PhD in environmental analytical chemistry from the Free University of Amsterdam and more than 30 years of experience in the fields of marine chemistry, -monitoring and –management.

Co-convenor Lisette Enserink (The Netherlands)

Lisette has a broad experience in marine monitoring and assessment. She connects policy, management and science through participation in OSPAR, the MSFD common implementation strategy, ICES, the Horizon Europe funding programme and multiple EU projects. Lisette contributes to the coordination of OSPAR’s QSRs since 1997. Employed by the Dutch agency Rijkswaterstaat she advises the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Her background is in biology and ecotoxicology (PhD).

Deputy Secretary Lena Avellan (OSPAR Secretariat)

At the OSPAR Secretariat, Lena supports the Biodiversity Committee that will deliver nearly 90 different assessments for the QSR 2023. This requires a lot of coordination with a broad group of experts that are addressing everything from microscopic plankton to large whales. Additionally, Lena’s role has been to support the QSR budget and delivery process with all Committees’ work, ever since the project was launched in 2018. Lena has a lot of experience in developing regional assessments, as well as collaborating other organisations that are carrying out assessments to bring forward synergies and exciting new information.

QSR Coordinator Julien Favier (OSPAR Secretariat)

Julien is the QSR Coordinator at the OSPAR Secretariat. He supports the group managing the QSR and has a wide portfolio which requires flexibility, coordination, and adaptability. Amongst other things, he supports the delivery of the cross-cutting dimension of the assessments (notably on climate change, ecosystem services, cumulative impact assessment using the DAPSIR framework), provides project management oversight across OSPAR groups and provides strategic guidance to ensure a coordinated and consistent delivery of QSR products.

Previously, Julien worked with the International Maritime Organization, coordinating and then leading the GI WACAF, a flagship technical cooperation project on marine pollution preparedness and response working in cooperation with 22 African countries.

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