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OSPAR's Quality Status Report 2023 Friday Ocean Findings Week 2
In week 2 of our Friday Ocean Findings newsletters we'd like to highlight our latest status assessments of 2 of the largest marine mammals found in the North-East Atlantic. The blue whale and bowhead whale are both on OSPAR's list of threatened and/or declining species with both struggling to recover from the devastating effects of whaling.

Our experts have produced these status assessments to contribute to our next holistic assessment of the health of the North-East Atlantic - The Quality Status Report (QSR) 2023. The QSR will examine the current state of the marine environment and ecosystems, and the human activities benefiting from the marine environment and interacting with it.

An important aspect of OSPAR’s work is to ensure that the work of our Contracting Parties can be used by anyone looking to improve their understanding of the marine environment and the pressures impacting on it. To support this ambition please feel free to use and share the data, methodologies and other background information which are freely available and accessible for all.

We hope you enjoy these reports. Please do contact us with any comments at communications@ospar.org

Status assessment of the blue whale


Status assessment of the bowhead whale

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