No Face-to-face meetings till May 2020

The OSPAR Secretariat is working remotely until further notice. You will not be able to reach the Secretariat on the landline numbers. Please refer to the OSPAR Secretariat Contact page to contact us.

Please find below a message from the OSPAR Chair, Richard Cronin:

I am writing to inform you of practical arrangements for OSPAR meetings scheduled for the period 18 March – 30 April in light of the rapidly changing situation relating to the COVID-19 virus.

All OSPAR meetings scheduled between 18 March – 30 April will be held remotely via WebEx. This change will predominantly affect the HASEC, BDC and EIHA Committee meetings and the JL group. The Strategy Task Group meeting scheduled for 18th March will be held through a combination of WebEx and in-person attendance.

The interview for the Deputy Secretary position scheduled for 19th March in London will be postponed until a date in May (with a specific date to be confirmed later).

This change will be a challenge for everyone as it will involve reduced meeting times and agendas and it will make us focus on enabling actions for the build up to the OSPAR Ministerial.

I have asked the Secretariat to work with the Committee Chairs and meeting hosts to develop updated agendas and to adjust practical arrangements for the hosting of these remote access meetings. On the other agenda items an approach is being developed, including with some of the work being undertaken through written procedure, or deferred to extra autumn meetings.

These arrangements have been developed in consultation with the Secretariat and meeting hosts and are based on a current assumption that the OSPAR Ministerial in July remains unaffected. New developments may see an adjustment of these arrangements.

I kindly ask you to brief your delegations on these changes and to ensure that we all remain flexible in our approach to the work in front of us. Our strength lies in our willingness to collaborate and cooperate and now is the time to show it.

Kind regards,

Richard Cronin

Chairman of OSPAR Commission