OSPAR Ministerial 2021

In 2021, OSPAR will hold a ministerial meeting hosted by the Government of Portugal in Palácio de Queluz.

The meeting will look back at OSPAR's 2010-2020 strategy and celebrate successes. We'll also look to the future with the launch of our new 2020-2030 strategy and work towards what still needs to be done to achieve our vision of "a clean, healthy North-East Atlantic, used sustainably".

The ministerial meeting will be preceded by the annual official meeting of the OSPAR Commission which will take place at the Cascais Citadel Palace.

If you have been invited to attend these meetings, please log in using the details that you were sent or contact the Secretariat at secretariat@ospar.org. Once logged in you will be able to register for the meeting and will also be able to view more information on the venue and accommodation.