10th edition of the Monaco Blue Initiative

28 March 2019

OSPAR's Executive Secretary Susana Salvador attended the 10th edition of the Monaco Blue Initiative (MBI) hosted by Prince Albert II and dedicated to Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) around the world. The event showcased a snapshot of the state of MPAs worldwide and an evaluated progress. Interesting discussions were had around the purpose of MPAs and the levels of effective implementation versus the mere designation by a variety of organisations using different assessment methods and protective measures. Strong international participation made for rich discussions about the importance of effective action to ensure a healthy ocean that benefits everyone.

The event was attended by MBI partners, representatives of States/Governments, Sylvia Earle (founder of Mission Blue), EU Commissioner Vella, ex-EU Commissioner Damanaki, Chinese representative Ministry Ecology, Genevieve Pons (Jacques Delors Institute), Dan Laffoley (IUCN), Marco Lambertini (WWF), PT Secretary of State, amongst many others.

Sylvia Earle said “the most important thing we extract from the ocean is our existence

More information about OSPAR's network of MPAs can be found in our latest assessment

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