Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna

6 February 2020

The Secretariat attended the Arctic Council Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) Board meeting in February 2020. OSPAR became a Observer to the Arctic Council in 2017 and have engaged with various groups and is now working to identify synergies with CAFF. OSPAR presented ongoing work and activities as a basis for identifying areas of work where synergies could be identified. The presentation by OSPAR was welcomed by CAFF Board members and based on initial discussions it was found that concrete collaboration could be taken forward on assessment and conservation of specific seabird species as well as a general sharing of data and assessment information.

The meeting was organised by Sweden, the current chair, in Gällivare and included an excursion to the Boliden AB mine in Aitik, as CAFF is working on mainstreaming biodiversity in Arctic mining.

The State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Report video below is well worth a watch.