BONUS-HELCOM Conference 2018

8 November 2018

The “Joint BONUS-HELCOM Conference 2018: research and innovation for sustainability” was held on 6 November. The Conference reinforced and developed the synergies of HELCOM and BONUS in association with key strategic actors in northern European Regional Seas Conventions – OSPAR, ICES and JPI Oceans – in efforts related to environmental policy and sustainable development of the northern European regional seas. This Stakeholder Conference coincides with OSPAR meetings and so Germany kindly participated to represent OSPAR and in particular to present OSPAR’s Intermediate Assessment 2017.

The Baltic and North Sea Coordination and Support Action (BANOS CSA, successor programme from BONUS) kick-off meeting for preparing the future joint Baltic Sea and North Sea research and innovation programme is 7 November 2018, Copenhagen. Although the Secretariat could not attend, it followed developments closely and contributed to the November edition of Bonus In Brief.