25 October 2018

Project coordinator Lisette Enserink (the Netherlands) chaired an energetic workshop of JMP-EUNOSAT in the Belgium Natural History Museum, Brussels, 22-23 October. OSPAR is an important participant in this two-year project that aims at coherent and cost effective good environmental status (GES) assessments for eutrophication in the great North Sea and Deputy Secretary Jo Foden engaged in the lively discussions and break-out groups. The workshop was an important last opportunity to evaluate new GES thresholds based on model results, and the suitability of remote sensing data for eutrophication assessment in the Greater North Sea. Participants also reviewed different options to determine eutrophication status using in situ data and/or remote sensing data and considered joint monitoring options for the future.

OSPAR is looking forward to receiving a presentation on the project at ICG-Eut in Lisbon in January 2019. In particular it will be exciting to see the possibilities for actively utilising the outcomes of the project in HELCOM Eutrophication Assessment Tool (HEAT) that is being developed for OSPAR purposes.