Second meeting of the Climate Change Expert Group (CCEG)

16 September 2021

The newly created Climate Change Expert Group (CCEG), led by the United Kingdom, met online on Thursday, 09 September 2021, for its second meeting.

The mandate of the CCEG is primarily to develop a thematic assessment entirely dedicated to climate change within the framework of the Quality Status Report 2023.

During this meeting the expert group made good progress. They notably discussed and agreed the structure of the climate change assessment that will be organised in four sections, each covering a specific issue:

  • Section 1: Importance of climate in OSPAR
  • Section 2: Marine climate change
  • Section 3: The impacts of climate change
  • Section 4: Measures for knowledge, mitigation, and adaptation

On a different note, the CCEG also agreed to reinforce its support to other groups on climate change related issues through different supporting mechanisms, one of them being the set-up of a “mini peer-review” on climate change – the modalities of which will soon be communicated to the relevant parties.

Given the vast amount of time and efforts necessary to deliver this ambitious assessment in a timely manner, the CCEG noted the need for more resources and invited other OSPAR Contracting Parties to nominate experts.