OSPAR Marine Protected Areas group meets in Sweden

7 November 2018

The OSPAR intersessional coordination group on Marine Protected Areas (ICG-MPA) 30 October – 1 November 2018 in Marstand, Sweden. The meeting welcomed the expansions of the OSPAR MPA network through nominations of new MPAs by UK and Norway. Work to improve the capacity of OSPAR to assess whether the OSPAR MPA network is ecologically coherent and well managed continued, and the group prepared the draft biennial report on the MPA network which provides an update of the network status. Focus was also placed on reviewing the views OSPAR received from other competent authorities and independent experts in relation to the draft nomination proforma for a proposed new MPA in the OSPAR ABNJ called ‘North Atlantic Current and Evlanov Seamount MPA’. The views received helped experts to further improve the nomination proforma from several aspects, and prepare it for presentation to BDC 2019.

More information on OSPAR and Marine Protected Areas can be found here

The summary record of the meeting is available here