OSPAR Vice-Chair Laura Piriz (Sweden)

18 August 2016

Sweden's Laura Piriz continues as OSPAR Vice-Chair

Laura Píriz (MSc, PhD), from the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SWAM), is the Swedish OSPAR HoD and coordinates SWAM’s involvement in HELCOM.

Laura started her carrier within the Swedish Development Cooperation in the fields of marine science and fisheries. She has follow-up of the Swedish support to fisheries research in Africa, and to the IMO and the UNEP including the RSCs and their Global Program.

She worked for the UNESCO Regional Office for Science and Technology in Latin America and has planned and evaluated projects for UNDP, EU and International Banks. From the Global Water Partnership Organisation she focused on Water Governance issues.

She has experiences from the design of participative processes for co-management and protected areas as well as the implementation of the Baltic Sea Action Plan. She has advised the HELCOM Secretariat on part-time basis.