Pre project Decommissioning Regulation and Contractual Implications

24 May 2021

The “PRE-DECOR: Pre project Decommissioning Regulation and Contractual Implications” is a research project financed by the Norwegian Research Council. This project aims at researching some critical aspects connected to decommissioning from a regulatory and economic perspective (how do we do decommissioning, what needs to be removed, where, what are the financial implications of decommissioning, are there differences between oil and gas and offshore wind, etc) and from both a national, comparative and international law perspective.

Under the PRE-DECOR project, the University of Bergen and the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) organised a webinar on 19 May 2021 which included presentations on OSPAR regulatory framework of decommissioning of offshore energy structures and on Norwegian rules and practices in the petroleum sector.