World Maritime University Global Ocean Conference 2018

10 May 2018

OSPAR attended the World Maritime University Global Ocean Conference 2018– Building Transformative Partnerships for Ocean Sustainability from 8-9 May in Malmø, Sweden. The conference formally launched the Global Ocean Institute with the vision to be the independent focal point for the ocean science-policy-law-industry interface, acting as a convener and convergence point where policy makers, the scientific community, regulators, industry actors and academics, and representatives of civil society meet to discuss how best to manage and use ocean spaces and their resources for the sustainable development of present and future generations. A special emphasis will be placed on working closely with the IMO, UN Oceans and other relevant UN organisations.

The World Maritime University (WMU) also celebrated 35 years of excellence in education, research and capacity building. The International Maritime Organization (IMO), which established WMU in 1983, will celebrate its 70th anniversary.

The Conference brought together representatives of international organizations, governments, ocean industries, research communities, civil society and other academic institutions. Participants discussed building transformative partnerships for ocean sustainability; identified opportunities for integrated policy-making by intergovernmental bodies; enhancing the role of the regions, industry and civil society in decision-making regarding the implementation of the SDGs, as well as how best to improve governance and policy coherence.