The OSPAR Commission Secretariat facilitates the work of the Contracting Parties by supporting and organising an annual cycle of meetings together with intersessional work programmes.

The OSPAR Secretariat is working remotely due to the COVID-19 outbreak until further notice. Please contact us using e-mail or call us on our mobile phones

The international staff comprises an Executive Secretary, four Deputy Secretaries and seven Assistants.

Executive Secretary

Susana Salvador

Susana Salvador

+44 (0) 7494 332213

The Executive Secretary is the Head of the OSPAR Secretariat. Her main role is to ensure support to OSPAR 16 Contracting Parties in their efforts towards delivering the objectives of OSPAR, as laid down in the OSPAR Convention and the North-East Atlantic Environment Strategy. She leads the work of the Secretariat towards contributing to the delivery of agreed products and preparing the work for consideration of the Commission and its subsidiary bodies at different decision-making levels.

Deputy Secretaries

Jo Foden

Jo Foden

+44 (0) 7507272162 or +44(0) 2038489684

Responsible for the HASEC committee and subsidiary groups as well as ICG-MSFD and matters related to OSPAR Region II (Greater North Sea)

Laura De la Torre

Laura De la Torre

+44 (0) 7494 332040 or +44(0) 2038489681

Responsible for the JL Committees, NSN, OIC, RSC and matters related to OSPAR Region I (Arctic Waters)

Lena Avellan

Lena Avellan

+44 (0) 7507272165 or +44(0) 2038489686

Responsible for the BDC Committee and its subsidiary groups and matters related to OSPAR Region IV (Bay of Biscay and Iberian Coast)

Philip Stamp

Philip Stamp

+44 (0)7932 088831

Responsible for the EIHA committee and subsidiary groups and matters related to OSPAR Region III (Celtic Sea)


Barbara Middleton

Corinne Michel

Chris Moulton

Lucy Ritchie

Olle Åkesson

Eleanor Dening

The OSPAR Secretariat is based in the UK, at offices in central London.

OSPAR Commission
The Aspect
12 Finsbury Square
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7430 5200