OSPAR Vacancies

Deputy Secretary: OSPAR Commission

Starting date: 1 January 2021

Closing date for applications: 31 January 2020

Location: London

Salary: Approximately £64 000/year

Profile: University graduate (preferably in natural/environmental sciences, environmental engineering, environmental management). Minimum of five years’ relevant professional experience. The person appointed will be primarily responsible for work related to OSPAR’s Hazardous Substances Committee (HASEC), and its subsidiary groups on eutrophication, trends and effects of substances in the marine environment, atmospheric and riverine inputs, ocean acidification, as well as OSPAR’s Coordination Group (CoG) and its subsidiary group on the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

Applicants must be nationals of one of the OSPAR Contracting Parties or of any other state which is a Member State of the European Union.

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