UN Ocean Conference 2022

We all rely on a healthy ocean. Regional collaboration has a key role to play in addressing the global challenges facing the ocean.

OSPAR hosted a side event at the UN Ocean Conference 2022 in Lisbon where we discussed real case studies of how OSPAR collaborates with other organisations to better protect and conserve the North-East Atlantic.

OSPAR was delighted to be joined by Darius Campbell of the North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission who described the mechanism through which we cooperate to manage human activities in ABNJ; Tammy Davies of Birdlife International discussed the innovation and science required to gather evidence for OSPAR’s new Marine Protected Areas for seabirds in ABNJ; and Mike Mannaart of KIMO International led a conversation on KIMO's collaboration with OSPAR in the planning and delivery of our Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter.

We were also joined by Ingo Narberhaus (German Head of Delegation to OSPAR) and Sandra Moutinho (Portuguese Head of Delegation to our Environmental Impacts of Human Activities Committee).

At the event we registered 3 new Voluntary Commitments to contribute to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14 and launched OSPAR's 2nd Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter which was agreed by Contracting Parties on 24 August 2022 at the annual meeting of the OSPAR Commission.

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The event took place on Tuesday 28 June from 1845 - 2030 at:

Pavilhão do Conhecimento | Pavilion of Knowledge
Largo José Mariano Gago 1
1990-073 Lisboa

Find the venue on What 3 Words https://w3w.co/skinny.aviation.army

or Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/NZDRgvd7NGLjaPuBA