Nominating new MPAs to the network

The OSPAR network of MPAs consists of MPAs in areas within national jurisdiction of the Contracting Parties to OSPAR which are nationally nominated to the network, and of MPAs in the Area Beyond National Jurisdiction of the OSPAR maritime area which are collectively designated by OSPAR.

Contracting Parties can nominate new MPAs to the OSPAR network in association with the annual data call for implementation reporting by 1 October. The process for electronically nominating new OSPAR MPAs within the jurisdiction of a Contracting Party comprises the following steps:

  • Contracting Parties should complete the electronic nomination pro forma (Annex 4 to Agreement 2003-17, amended 2016), which consists of the following files:
    • GIS shapefiles; which need to contain the site geometry in WGS84 projection and a set of mandatory standard attributes (Please note that all new MPA nominations will require WDPA ID / WDPA PIDs. These should be requested by the nominating Contracting Party directly from the WDPA team at UNEP-WCMC.) Download the shape file template here;
    • an Excel file (and associated .csv file), Download the excel template here;
    • Guidance for completing this information can be downloaded here;
    • Guidance for completing information relating to MPA management can be downloaded here;
  • New MPAs nominated to the OSPAR network of MPAs are considered during the annual meeting of the OSPAR Biodiversity Committee. Once a new MPA is included in the network, it will be covered by the annual data call for implementation reporting. Contracting Parties will be requested to ensure that the details for the MPA remain up to date and accurately represented in the OSPAR MPA database through the annually recurring data call for implementation reporting.