The ’North Atlantic Current and Evlanov Sea basin MPA’

The OSPAR Commission agreed to seek views on the site nomination proforma for the proposed ‘North Atlantic Current and Evlanov Seamount Marine Protected Area’ (NACES MPA, the site) in a wide and inclusive manner. A nomination proforma is a document used to collate background information against agreed criteria as a basis for a decision to designate a new MPA.

The aim was to gather as much information as possible to inform a decision on the designation of the proposed MPA and any recommendations on its future management.

The site is located in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ) of the OSPAR Maritime Area. It has been identified as an important foraging area for many species of seabirds in the OSPAR Maritime Area. Some of the seabird species identified as using the proposed site are wide ranging and also occur in waters of non-OSPAR states, and such states may be able to provide information not readily available to OSPAR. There is a need to increase information on which human activities occur at the site and how they may impact the seabirds’ use of the site. Competent authorities regulating human activities in ABNJ may have information on human activities that would assist OSPAR to improve the decision basis for any designation.

Background information to seeking views

OSPAR has the mandate to designate Marine Protected Areas in ABNJ of the OSPAR Maritime Area as described in ‘OSPAR’s Regulatory Regime for establishing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) on the Area Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ) of the OSPAR Maritime Area’ (adopted by OSPAR in 2009). Management of human activities in any OSPAR ABNJ MPA as decided by the OSPAR Commission is only binding on the Contracting Parties of OSPAR.

Information on the seven MPAs already established by OSPAR in ABNJ in 2010 and 2012 is available here.

Views were invited on the following questions

(i) Can you provide any additional information of relevance on the 22 species of seabirds and habitats and ecosystems that support the seabird species present in the proposed MPA?

(ii) Can you provide any additional information on current and/or potential future human activities at the site, including their intensity, type and timing?

(iii) Can you provide additional indicative information about potential future management actions within the site to deliver the proposed conservation objectives for the site?

Please note that this consultation closed on 12 October 2018

For more information and any queries

Please note that the OSPAR Ministerial Meeting in 2021 agreed that the name of the MPA should be 'North Atlantic Current and Evlanov Sea basin Marine Protected Area'.

For further information on the process for providing views on the NACES MPA nomination proforma or other information in relation to OSPAR work on MPAs please contact the OSPAR Secretariat at the addresses below.

Please address any query to and