Ostrea edulis Beds

Habitat: Ostrea edulis Beds

Description: Beds of the oyster Ostrea edulis occurring at densities of 5 or more per m2 on shallow mostly sheltered sediments (typically 0‐10m depth, but occasionally down to 30m). There may be considerable quantities of dead oyster shell making up a substantial portion of the substratum. The clumps of dead shells and oysters can support large numbers of the ascidians Ascidiella aspersa and Ascidiella scabra. Several conspicuously large polychaetes, such as Chaetopterus variopedatus and terebellids, may be present as well as additional suspension‐feeding polychaetes such as Myxicola infundibulum, Sabella pavonina and Lanice conchilega. A turf of seaweeds such as Plocamium cartilagineum, Nitophyllum punctatum and Spyridia filamentosa may also be present

OSPAR Regions where it occurs: II, III, IV

OSPAR Regions where under threat and/or in decline: II, IV

What is the latest status of the feature?

The status assessment describes the latest changes in distribution, abundance and range of the feature, as well as any changes in the threats and pressures impacting the feature. The status assessments are updated regularly and inform OSPAR’s consideration of the effectiveness of the measures and actions that have been adopted and implemented by Contracting Parties.

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An implementation report will be published in July 2022