Zostera Beds

Habitat: Zostera Beds

Description: Zostera is a small genus of widely distributed seagrasses, commonly called eelgrass.

Zostera beds are found on sandy substrates or in estuaries, usually submerged or partially floating. They have long, bright green, ribbon-like leaves, the width of which are about 1 centimetre.

Zostera beds are important for sediment deposition, substrate stabilisation, and as nursery grounds for many species of economically important fish and shellfish.

OSPAR Regions where it occurs: I, II, III, IV

OSPAR Regions where under threat and/or in decline: I, II, III, IV

What is the latest status of the feature?

The status assessment describes the latest changes in distribution, abundance and range of the feature, as well as any changes in the threats and pressures impacting the feature. The status assessments are updated regularly and inform OSPAR’s consideration of the effectiveness of the measures and actions that have been adopted and implemented by Contracting Parties.

Why is this feature included on the OSPAR List?

What protective measures and actions has OSPAR committed to taking?

What actions have been implemented by OSPAR?

An implementation report will be published in late 2022