OSPAR's Coordinated Environmental Monitoring Programme (CEMP) aims to deliver comparable data from across the OSPAR Maritime Area, which can be used in assessments to address the specific questions raised in the OSPAR's Joint Assessment and Monitoring Programme, JAMP.

The CEMP Agreement explains the overall aims and concepts that apply within the CEMP and the scope and characteristics of the six CEMP thematic monitoring programmes (themes).

OSPAR Coordinated Environmental Monitoring Programme (Agreement 2016-01)

The CEMP Appendices set out details of the agreed monitoring and assessment approaches for each component of these themes including the approaches to be applied to realise coordination of monitoring and assessment. The CEMP Appendices are also included as metadata for the relevant data layers in ODIMS.

CEMP Guidelines

The CEMP Guidelines provide detailed documentation of agreed monitoring and assessment methods.

Following the adoption of the broadened Coordinated Environmental Monitoring Programme (CEMP) in 2016, it was agreed that the previously developed Guidelines then termed JAMP guidelines will become CEMP Guidelines. As a number of the existing JAMP Guidelines are due for review over the coming years they will retain the name "JAMP Guidelines" until that review is complete.