Intermediate Assessment 2017 Resources

The Intermediate Assessment 2017 (IA2017) is an assessment of the marine environment in OSPAR’s waters.

The planned online format for the IA2017 will enable access to high-level summaries and detailed background documents for common indicator assessments, as well as links to the relevant data. OSPAR will make the IA2017 available as a common regional report for relevant EU Member States to use in their national reporting on the state of the marine environment in their waters under the MSFD.

Resources and guidance to support indicator task groups and Contracting Parties in their assessment and reporting are below .

A geographical nesting system for reporting the various assessments has been developed, working from the smallest relevant geographical scale (segments of coastal waters) up through the OSPAR regions to the whole of the OSPAR Maritime Area. This work is closely aligned to the ongoing development of OSPAR’s Data and Information Management System, which supports access to OSPAR’s data. The reporting units can be downloaded in GIS files and a guidance document is available.

Blank assessment sheet

Assessment sheet guidance

Reporting units guidance

Reporting units geodatabase

The Intermediate Assessment is now published online