Monitoring and assessment are indispensable for the management of human activities in our seas. OSPAR’s Joint Assessment & Monitoring Programme (JAMP) describes the strategy, themes and products that OSPAR Contracting Parties are committed to deliver, through collaborative efforts in OSPAR, over the period 2014-2023 with reference to the relevant provisions of:

The JAMP sets out the broad strategy and generally applicable provisions. It encompasses the ecosystem approach and cross-cutting issues, and then covers monitoring and assessment in relation to OSPAR’s thematic strategies.

OSPAR Joint Assessment and Monitoring Programme (JAMP) 2014 – 2023 (Agreement 2014-02)

OSPAR has produced several JAMP Guidelines over the years in relation to monitoring and assessment. Following the adoption of the broadened Coordinated Environmental Monitoring Programme (CEMP) in 2016, it was agreed that these Guidelines will become CEMP Guidelines. As the existing JAMP Guidelines are reviewed their names are changed from “JAMP Guidelines” to “CEMP Guidelines”. The CEMP Guidelines adopted from 2016 and the existing JAMP Guidelines are available on the CEMP section of the website.