Reporting Support Documents

Article 4 Marine Regions and Subregions

Key messages / text for MSFD reporting sheet on regional coordination – 2018

Article 13 Programmes of Measures

OSPAR Joint Documentation on Coordination of Measures (MSFD)

Article 11 InformationSheets

OSPAR Coordinates Monitoring in the North-East Atlantic

D5 - Chlorophyll

D5 - Nutrient Concentrations

D5 - Nutrient Inputs from Land-Based Sources

D5 - Nutrient Inputs via the Atmosphere

D5 - Oxygen

D8 - Biological Effects, Contaminants

D8 - Contaminant Inputs from Land-Based (Diffuse and Point) Sources

D8 - Contaminants in Biota

D8 - Contaminants in Sediment

D8 - Contaminant Inputs via the Atmosphere

D10 - Beach Litter

D10 - Litter in the Stomachs of Fulmars