North Sea Network

The North Sea Network of Investigators and Prosecutors, NSN for short, was set up in 2002 to help enforce international regulations preventing pollution from ships in the North Sea. NSN is associated with the OSPAR Commission and cooperates with the Bonn Agreement.

Maritime Environmental Crimes

The North Sea Network and the Bonn Agreement hosted a seminar on 6-7 March 2018 on Maritime Environmental Crimes: Violoations of MARPOL Annexes.

Brief history of NSN

In 2002, at the Fifth North Sea Conference, the North Sea Ministers took the initiative to establish the NSN, fulfilling their commitment to “greater co-operation between North Sea States and at the European Union level to enforce internationally agreed rules and standards for the prevention, control and reduction of pollution from ships … to increase detection of illegal discharges and … improve the investigation and prosecution of offenders”.

Since 2002 The North Sea Network of Investigators and Prosecutors has been providing its members with a strong regional platform whereby investigators and prosecutors in all North Sea States work together with a view to identifying features which lead to effective enforcement and ways of handling pollution offences from ships in a transboundary context.

A word from the Chair, Ewald Brandt

“It goes without saying that I was delighted to have been appointed Chair of the NSN in May 2016. I have been following with great interest, and promoting as best as I can, the activities of NSN of which I have been a permanent member since its very beginning in the year 2002.” Dr Ewald Brandt is the third Chair of NSN since 2002.

North Sea Network Fact Sheet

North Sea Manual on Maritime Oil Pollution Offences

OSPAR's North Sea Manual on Maritime Oil Pollution Offences was produced to support the detection of maritime oil-pollution offences, the collection of evidence about such offences and the imposition of penalties on those responsible for them, thereby helping to deter further offences and improving the marine environment.

Interpol Garbage Pollution Manual

Published 2018