Every year the ocean absorbs at least a quarter of the carbon dioxide (CO2) released to the atmosphere from burning of fossil fuels, cement production and land use change. This is driving ocean acidification.

In 2019 OSPAR established an Intersessional Correspondence Group on ocean acidification (ICG-OA). The ICG works to its Terms of Reference with the remit to lead OSPAR's monitoring and assessment for ocean acidification.

To acknowledge the urgency of this issue, OSPAR Contracting Parties added climate change and ocean acidification to its North-East Atlantic Environment Strategy 2030.

In 2023 OSPAR became an affiliate member of the Ocean Acidification Alliance.


ICG-OA, co-convened by Ireland and the Netherlands, worked to produce OSPAR's first ever assessment on ocean acidification for OSPAR's Quality Status Report 2023.