Substances of possible concern

The OSPAR List of Substances of Possible Concern (LSPC) was adopted in 2002. It is a dynamic working list and is regularly revised as new information becomes available which can result in substances being removed from the list. Furthermore, some chemicals have been moved to the List of Chemicals for Priority Action. The list contains substances that might merit action by OSPAR due to their persistency, liability to bioaccumulate and toxicity or other equivalent concern. Fact sheets have been prepared for each of the substances of possible concern detailing available information on e.g. intrinsic properties, exposure and legislation as explained in the "glossary on LSPC". In the light of developments in the chemicals sector in the European Community, namely developments under the Water Framework Directive and the regulation on registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals (REACH), OSPAR work on the selection and prioritisation of substances has been put on hold. Instead, OSPAR collaborates with the EC on these issues.

Since 2006, OSPAR is in the process of reviewing the substances on the LSPC. The aim is to identify those substances which are of concern to the marine environment, and to which therefore the commitments of the Hazardous Substances Strategy should apply, but which are not covered adequately by the EC framework or some other international forum. This process has resulted in the grouping of the substances in four sections, to help identifying those substances which warrant further work by OSPAR.

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