OSPAR Recommendation 2018/01 on Radioactive Discharges requires all Contracting Parties apply the best available techniques (BAT) and the best environmental practice (BEP) in accordance with Appendices 1 and 2 of the Convention to prevent and eliminate pollution caused by radioactive discharges from all nuclear industries, including nuclear power plants, reprocessing facilities, fuel fabrication facilities, research reactors, and their associated radioactive waste treatment facilities and decommissioning activities.

This Recommendation came into force in 2018 and superseded PARCOM Recommendation 91/4 on Radioactive Discharges. The 7th round reporting of OSPAR Contracting Parties on the implementation of the Best Available Technology (BAT) on Radioactive Discharges under PARCOM Recommendation 91/4 was completed in 2020.

The 8th round reporting of under OSPAR Recommendation 2018/01 started in 2020 with the reporting cycles now lasting 6 years instead of 4 and follow the Guidelines for the submission of Information about, and Assessment of, the Application of BAT in Nuclear Facilities under OSPAR Agreement 2018-01.

These pages contain links to previous reports under PARCOM Recommendation 91/4, reporting under OSPAR Recommendation 2018/01 and the country profiles that support these reports.