MPAs in areas beyond national jurisdiction

The OSPAR maritime area encompasses extensive areas in the Wider Atlantic (OSPAR Region V) and the Arctic Waters (OSPAR Region I) that are beyond the limits of national Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs). This Area Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ) covers approximately 40% of the OSPAR maritime area. OSPAR has agreed to designate Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in ABNJ with the aim of achieving an ecologically coherent and well managed network of MPAs.

OSPAR Marine Protected Area

OSPAR Decision on designation

OSPAR Recommendation on management

OSPAR Marine Protected Area

Milne Seamount Complex MPA

Decision 2010/1

Recommendation 2010/12

Publication 523 (fracture-zone)

Charlie-Gibbs South MPA

Decision 2010/2

Recommendation 2010/13

Publication 549

Altair Seamount High Seas MPA

Decision 2010/3

Recommendation 2010/14

Publication 550

Antialtair Seamount High Seas MPA

Decision 2010/4

Recommendation 2010/15

Publication 551

Josephine Seamount High Seas MPA

Decision 2010/5

Recommendation 2010/16

Publication 552

Mid-Atlantic Ridge North of the Azores High Seas MPA

Decision 2010/6

Recommendation 2010/17

Publication 560

Charlie-Gibbs North High Seas MPA

Decision 2012/1

Recommendation 2012/1

Publication 523 (fracture-zone)

North Atlantic Current and Evlanov Sea basin MPA

Decision 2021/01 (Original Decision)

Decision 2023/01 (amending Decision 2021/01)

Decision 2021/01, (as amended - consolidated text)

Recommendation 2021/01 (Original Recommendation)

Recommendation 2023/01 (amending Recommendation 2021/01)

Recommendation 2021/01, (as amended - consolidated text)

Original nomination proforma:

Publication 771

Revised nomination proforma:

Publication 989