Reporting Formats & Deadlines

Here you will find the current reporting formats, instructions and deadlines for the reporting of data related to the Environmental Impacts of Human Activities Committee

DataData HolderSubmission Deadline
Encounters with conventional and chemical munitionsOSPAR's data portal01/09
Dumping and placement of wastes and other matter at seaOSPAR's data portal01/10
Fishing for LitterOSPAR's data portal01/10
Impulsive noiseData Centre; ICES01/10
Seabed LitterData Centre; ICES15/12
Plastic particles in Fulmars' stomachsOSPAR's data portal31/12
Offshore renewable energy developmentsOSPAR's data portal01/01
Marine Litter Beach MonitoringUK; Marine Conservation Society4 times per year

Reporting formats and guidance